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Anabolic steroids halotestin fluoxymesterone



The medication is relevant for representatives of power sports disciplines. It is suitable for getting explosive power without going beyond the weight class. The anabolic steroids halotestin fluoxymesterone is highly toxic to the liver, which must be remembered when drawing up a course. The exact mechanism of action of the active substance on the body has not been established, therefore it is assumed that the drug acts on the muscles in a non-receptor way.

Release form, packaging and composition of the drug

In our catalog you can order at any convenient time. We offer to purchase the drug in the form of a blister or package, depending on the needs of the buyer. Each blister contains 25 tablets. The package contains 2 blisters or 50 tablets. 1 tablet contains 10 mg of active ingredient.


Also, fluoxymesterone could be bought online to accelerate sexual development with delayed maturation. For medical purposes, the drug is not used today due to the discovery of other active substances without steroid qualities.

In terms of its power, fluoxymesterone is 500 percent stronger than methyltestosterone, the structure of which it resembles. If you are going to buy, you need to take into account that the drug has received a certain modification, which determined its pharmacological effect in the body. In laboratory conditions, the 17-alpha-methyl, 11-beta-hydroxy and 9-fluoro groups were changed.

The changes made to the original molecule of the drug made it possible to extend the period before the onset of half-life, as well as eliminate the negative effect of the passage of the active substance through the liver, increasing the concentration of the steroid in the blood. The drug is less susceptible to aromatization, so conversion to estrogens is excluded. This change resulted in the elimination of the threat of gynecomastia and water retention.

What are the effects?

Taking the medication and its popularity in sports is due to the fact that the drug has not only anabolic, but also androgenic activity. As a result of the use of sports pharmacology, it is possible to:

— Pump up aerobic characteristics;
— Improve muscle quality;
— Get extra power.

Fluoxymesterone course leads to provoking erythropoiesis. Among the useful qualities, it is necessary to highlight the increased production of hemoglobin in the body. By increasing the number of red blood cells, halotest helps to saturate muscle tissue with oxygen.

The ability of the drug to cause the conversion of exogenous testosterone to DHT leads to an increase in the size of the prostate. There is also a risk of prostate adenoma. Fluoxymesterone is worth buying for athletes who will adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer and the attending physician regarding its intake. This means that the bodybuilder should give up the idea of prolonging the course beyond measure and not taking the medication without observing the individual dosage.